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1000 Phrasal verbs ingleses con frases explicativas.
Frases con ejemplos de verbos con preposición


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726. Blow up
to explode something
the old building was dangerous so they blew it up

727. Break down
when a machine breaks down, something has gone wrong so it doesn’t work
It’s no good trying to call the lift - it has broken down again

728. Break in/ break into
enter a building illegally
Somebody broke into my house last night and stole the video

729. Brush up (on)
revise or improve your knowledge of something you have already learned
I’m going to work in madrid next year, so i’d better brush up on my spanish: I studied it at school, but that was a long time ago

730. Bump into
Meet unexpectedly
I bumped into jane last night in the bar - I thought she was still working abroad


731. Call off
The tennis match was called off because of the rain

732. Carry on
continue doing something
The pupils took no notice of the teacher when she walked into the room, and just carried on talking

733. Check in
register at a hotel
You have to check in at a hotel before they will give you your room key

734. Check out
leave a hotel
Many hotels ask you to check out before midday, so that they can prepare the room for the next guest

735. Cheer up
not be sad, be happier
Cheer up! Things aren’t so bad!

736. Come on
if someone tells you to "come on!", they want you to hurry up
Come on! We may miss the train.


737. Do up
fasten, tie up
Do up your coat. If you don’t, it will flap about in the wind.

738. Dress up
put your best clothes on
Let’s dress up for the party tonight - after all, it is a special occasion!


739. Eat out
go to a restaurant to eat
I don’t want to cook tonight; let’s eat out instead


740. Fill in
complete a form
In order to apply for a driver’s licence, you have to fill in a special form

741. Find out
discover (a fact)
I thought she was a student, but I found out yesterday that she works here!


742. Get round to
find time to do something
I can’t write the letter now. I’ve got too much work to do. I might get round to it this evening

743. Give up
break a habit
I’m coughing too much: I should give up smoking


744. Hold on
Hold on, i’m on the phone - i’ll speak to you in a minute


745. Leave out
my name should be on the list, but it’s not there - they’ve left it out

746. Let down
disappoint someone, break a promise
The bank promised to lend me the money, but they’ve let me down: they aren’t going to do it now

747. Look after
take care of
If I go away on holiday, who is going to look after my dog?

748. Look up
look for information in a dictionary, timetable, or encyclopaedia
If you don’t know their phone number, look it up in the telephone directory


749. Make up for
compensate for
I’m sorry I was angry with you yesterday. Let me take you to the cinema to make up for it

750. Mix up
be careful not to mix up the old batteries with the new ones!


751. Pick up
if you pick someone up, you go to their house in a car in order to take them somewhere
I’m driving to the airport tomorrow. If you like, i’ll pick you up at 10 o’ clock and take you there, so you won’t have to take the bus

752. Pour down
when it’s pouring down, it’s raining very heavily
We’d better take an umbrella - it’s pouring down!

753. Put off
there was a rail strike yesterday, so we had to put the meeting off until next week


754. Ring off
put the telephone down
Someone’s knocking at the door; i’ll have to ring off now! Bye!

755. Run out of
not to have any more of something
I had to walk home last night. My car had run out of petrol


756. Set off
to start a journey or trip
we’ve got a long way to travel tomorrow, so we’d better set off early

757. Speak up
speak more loudly
I’m a bit deaf, i’m afraid. You’ll have to speak up

758. Stay up
not to go to bed until later than usual
I usually go to bed at 10 o’ clock, but i’m going to stay up tonight to watch the film


759. Take off
when an aeroplane takes off, it leaves the ground
We should take off at 2 o’ clock, if there are no delays!

760. Try on
put on a piece of clothing in order to see if it is the right size
If you buy some clothes, always try them on in the shop before deciding if you want them or not

761. Turn down
lower the volume
That music is too loud! Turn the radio down!

762. Turn off
When you stop watching the t.v., you turn it off

763. Turn on
When you want to use an electrical appliance, you must turn it on

764. Turn over
change channels
The film is on bbc1, not bbc2. Turn the t.v. over!

765. Turn up
increase the volume
I can’t hear the radio - turn it up!

Fuente: http://www.english-link.com/phrasal_verbs.htm


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