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Dinosaur (greek, terrible lizard)

Extinct land reptile(reptil de tierra) of the Mesozoic era . The dinosaurs, which were egg-laying animals(animales que ponían huevos), ranged in length(cuya longitud oscilaba) from 2 1/2 ft (91 cm) to about 127 ft (39 m). Recognized discoveries(descubrimientos) of fossilized dinosaur bones(huesos) date(proceden, están fechados) only to the 1820s; Sir Richard Owen, a Victorian anatomist, coined(acuñó) the term(término) dinosaur.

Many explanations(explicaciones) have been offered for the worldwide(en todo el mundo) extinction of the dinosaurs after 160 million years of existence.

The most popular theory is that one or more asteroids or comets hit(golpearon) the earth, lifting(levantando) massive amounts(cantidades) of debris(escombros) and sulfur in the air and blocking the sunlight from reaching the earth's surface. The 1991 discovery of the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico lent support(prestó apoyo, apoyó) to this idea.

The second currently(actualmente) popular theory is that the extinctions followed(siguieron a) the huge volcanic eruptions that created the lava flows of the Deccan Traps in what is now India. (See mass extinction(extinción masiva) for more information.)

No theory perfectly describes why dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and many marine organisms were affected by the extinction, when many mammals(mamíferos) and other animals (e.g., turtles and crocodiles) survived.
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