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1000 Phrasal verbs ingleses con frases explicativas.
Frases con ejemplos de verbos con preposición


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366. Answer (someone) back (to someone)
Talk back to someone; argue with someone
E.g. I wish you wouldn't answer back to me that way. // please don't answer me back like that!

367. Answer for (someone)
[for someone] to speak for someone else
E.g. Mary just can't answer for allen, but she has her own opinion. // ok! I will answer for peter.

368. Ask (someone) out
Invite someone to go out as on a date
E.g. He asked her out to dinner, but she had other plans. // beth asked carlos out for dinner.

369. Ask (someone) over
Invite someone to come to your house
E.g. Can you ask Mary over? // paul has been asked over a couple of times.


370. Beat (someone) up
Give someone a severe beating
E.g. A gang beat albert up and left him in the street. // big willie beat up jack.

371. Blow [someone or something] up
E.g. The villains blew up the entire village. // the airplanes blew the big bridge up

372. Blow (something) up
Inflate; enlarge a picture
E.g. Alex doesn't have enough breath to blow the balloon up. // how big can you blow up the photograph?

373. Boot (something) up
Start or get a computer ready for use e.g. Helen booted her computer up and went to work. // jill, try to boot up the computer and try again.

374. Break down
Stop functioning properly e.g. My car broke down in the middle of the highway.

375. Break up with (someone)
End a relationship with someone e.g. Nick broke up with misty. // “I just knew they would break up," brian said.

376. Bring (someone) up
Raise a child
E.g. Ann brought up bob the best she could. // he was brought up with the best child-raising methods.

377. Bring (something) up
Introduce or call attention to a topic
E.g. Why did you have to bring that up? That has nothing to do with the main issue.

378. Burn down
Be destroyed by fire
E.g. There was a big fire on 10th street and the post office building was burned down.

379. Burn (something) down
Destroy by fire
E.g. The fire burned down the whole barn.


380. Call (someone) back
Return a phone call to someone
E.g. Since daniela is not in her house, I will call her back in half an hour.// I have to call frank back now.

381. Call (something) off
Cancel something
E.g. We had to call off the picnic because of the bad weather. // the meeting was called off.

382. Call on (someone)
Ask someone to answer or speak in class; visit someone
E.g. My mother's friend call on her every thursday. // the teacher called on alex, but she was not ready to sing.

383. Call (someone) up
E.g. You have to call him up and set an appointment. // i'm going to call her up to see what she has to say!!

384. Catch up with (someone or something)
Travel fast enough to overtake someone who is ahead
E.g. I know I am a little behind the class, but i'll catch up with it. // martin is finally catching up with his taller brother.

385. Check (something) out
Borrow a book, video, tape from the library; verify or examine
E.g. It sounds good. I'll check it out. // the doctor will check her out. // I need to check these books out.

386. Check out of (a hotel)
Leave a hotel after paying the bill
E.g. Rachel will check out of the hotel at about noon.

387. Clean (something) out:
Clean the inside of something thoroughly
E.g. Someone has to clean out the garage.

388. Clean (something) up
Clean thoroughly and remove anything unwanted
E.g. Can you clean this place up a little?

389. Clear up
Become fair weather
E.g. Suddenly, the sky cleared up.

390. Clear (something) up
Explain a problem
E.g. Let me take a few minutes to clear up the confusion for you.

391. Come back
E.g. When will the good days come back?

392. Come over
E.g. Why don't you come over next week?

393. Come up with (something)
Think of a plan or reply
E.g. I don't have any ideas now, but i'll try to come up with something by monday.

394. Cross (something) out
Draw a line through
E.g. You can cross me out. I'm not going to the picnic.

395. Cut down on (something)
E.g. The doctor told my dad to cut down on his drinking.

396. Cut (something) up
Cut into little pieces
E.g. Amanda cut the carrots up into small cubes.


397. Depart for (some place)
Leave for some place
E.g. When do we depart for the airport?

398. Depart from (some place)
Leave from some place
E.g. When will you depart from here?

399. Do (something) over
Do something again
E.g. I think i'll have to do this room over.


400. Eat out
Have a meal in a restaurant
E.g. I just love to eat out from time to time.

401. Eat up
Eat everything
E.g. They ate the turkey up and there were no leftovers.


402. Face up to (something, someone)
Be brave enough to accept or deal
E.g. You must face up to the authorities if you have done something wrong with.

403. Fall for (someone, something
Fall in love with, to believe something without reservation
E.g. I fell for her in a big way.// I fell for the story in a big way!

404. Figure (something) out
Solve a problem
E.g. It will take me a while to figure this out.

405. Fill (something) out
Write information on a form
E.g. Please, fill this form in.

406. Fill (something) up
Fill completely with something
E.g. I'll fill the basket up with flowers.

407. Find (something) out
Discover information
E.g. What did you find out about the new construction site?


408. Get away with (doing something)
Not be punished for doing
E.g. Alex got away with the lie something wrong

409. Get off (something)
Leave a plane, bus, train
E.g. After getting off the bus, I went to the supermarket.

410. Get on (something)
Enter a plane, bus, train.
E.g. As soon as I got on the train I ran into bob.

411. Get over (something)
Recover from an illness or a serious life event
e.g. It took a long time to get over the flu.

412. Get over (with)
To conclude
E.g. What time will the lecture get over?

413. Give (something) back
Return something
E.g. Are you going to give that money back with interest?

414. Give up
Stop trying, lose hope
E.g. Don't give up. There is always a chance.

415. Give (something) up
Quit something; get rid of something
E.g. I gave coffee up because of the caffeine.

416. Go back (to something)
E.g. I don't go back home. She went back to her husband after a few months.

417. Go down
(of computers) stop functioning; (of prices or temperature become.
The system of all the computer went down.

418. Go off
Stop functioning; (of alarms) start functioning; explode or make a loud noise e.g. All the fireworks went off as scheduled.// the alarm went off at 7:00 a.m.

419. Go on
Take place; happen (especially in the continuous tenses)
E.g. What is going on over there?

420. Go out
Leave one’s house to go to a social event
E.g. Mary and I always go out on fridays.

421. Go out with (someone)
Spend time regularly with someone

422. Go over (something)

423. Grow up
Become an adult


424. Hand (something) in
Submit homework, a test, an application

425. Hand (something) out:
Distribute something

426. Hang (something) up
Put on a hook/clothes hanger; end a telephone call

427. Hold on
Wait on the telephone


428. Keep on (doing something)
Continue doing something

429. Keep (someone) up
Prevent someone from going to sleep

430. Keep up with
Stay at the same level or position

431. Kick (someone) out
Force someone to leave


432. Leave (something) out

433. Light (something) up
Make light/bright with colour; begin to smoke a cigar, cigarette, or pipe

434. Look out for (something/someone)
Be careful of

435. Look (something) over
Examine carefully

436. Look (something) up
Look for information in a book


437. Make (something) up
Create or invent something; do work that was missed

438. Make (something) up to (someone)
Return a favour

439. Move out
Stop occupying a residence, especially by removing one’s possessions


440. Pack up
Prepare all of one’s belongings for moving

441. Pay (someone) back
Return money owed to someone

442. Pick (something) out

443. Pick (something/someone) up
Lift something or someone; stop to get something or someone

444. Point (something) out
Mention; draw attention to something

445. Put (something) away
Put something in its usual place

446. Put (something) back
Return something to its original place

447. Put (something) down

448. Put (something) in
Stop holding something

449. Put (something) off

450. Put (something) on
Get dressed

451. Put (something) out
Extinguish a fire, cigarette, or cigar

452. Put (something) over on (someone)
Deceive someone

453. Put up with (something/someone)


454. Run out
Come to an end; be completely used up

455. Run out of (something)
Have no more of something


456. Set (something) up
Make something ready for use

457. Show up
Appear, be seen, arrive at a place

458. Shut (something) off
Turn off a machine

459. Sit down
Get into a sitting position

460. Start (something) over
Start again

461. Stay out
Remain out of the house, especially at night

462. Stay up
Remain awake, not go to bed


463. Take (something) away

464. Take off:
Leave (usually by plane)

465. Take (a time period) off
Have a break from work or school

466. Take (something) off

467. Take (someone) out
Accompany someone to the theatre; a restaurant, a movie

468. Take (a dog) out
Walk a dog

469. Take (something) out
Remove something from something else

470. Tear (something) down
Destroy completely

471. Tear (something) off
Detach something

472. Tear (something) up
Tear into pieces

473. Think (something) over
Reflect upon something before making a decision

474. Think (something) up

475. Throw (something) away
Put something in the trash

476. Throw (something) out
Put something in the trash

477. Tie (someone) up
Bind with rope to keep from escaping

478. Try (something) on
Put on clothing to see how it looks

479. Turn (something) down
Lower the volume; refuse an offer or invitation from someone

480. Turn (something) in
Return; submit homework, a test, an application

481. Turn (something) off
Stop a machine or light

482. Turn (something) on
Start a machine or light

483. Turn up

484. Turn (something) up
Increase the volume


485. Use (something) up
Use something until no more is left


486. Wake up
Stop sleeping

487. Wake (someone) up
Cause someone to stop sleeping

488. Wear (something) out
Cause something to become useless or threadbare through repeated use

489. Wear (someone) out
Cause someone to become exhausted

490. Write (something) down
Write something on a piece of paper

491. Work out
Exercise vigorously

492. Work (something) out
Solve something

FUENTE: http://busboy.sped.ukans.edu/~allenq/netgrammar/Support/a101b2_101000.html 


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