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1000 Phrasal verbs ingleses con frases explicativas.
Frases con ejemplos de verbos con preposición


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855.    account for – explicar-
the storm accounts for the plane crash.

856.    add up -tener sentido-
“I can't understand this. It doesn't add up".

857.    allow for -tener en cuenta-
all good fishermen allow for the possibility of snake bites.

858.    ask after -preguntar por alguien-
susan is asking after your brother.

859.    ask for -preguntar por-
he was very hungry and asked me for something to eat.

860.    ask out - invitar a salir-
john likes susan. He will ask her out tonight.


861.    back down
- echarse atrás
susan threatened to leave, but later she backed down and stayed.

862.    back out - romper una promesa
Bill's father promised to buy him a bicycle, but he finally backed out of his promise.

863.    back up - apoyar
" If you decide to present that proposal, i'll back you up ".

864.    back up
– retroceder
" Can you back your car up a little ?. It's blocking my driveway !".

865.    blow up – estallar
The soldiers blew the bridge up. Nobody can cross now.

866.    blow up - llenar de aire, inflar
" Will you help me blow these balloons up for the party ? ".

867.    break down - averiarse, descomponerse
Jack had a terrible day yesterday. His car broke down on his way to work.

868.    break in(to) - entrar por la fuerza
Burglars broke into jack's apartment while he was on vacation.

869.    break out - comenzar (una calamidad)
The nation was happy until a terrible war broke out.

870.    break up - romper relaciones
Tom got very angry and broke up with susan.

871.    bring up - educar, crier
His parents died, so he was brought up by his grandfather.

872.    bring up - proponer, traer a colación
a possible solution was brought up in the last meeting.



873.    call off
- cancelar, suspender
1) The football match was called off due to the heavy rain.

874.    call on - visitar, acudir a
If you have problems with your homework, you can call on me.

875.    call up - llamar por teléfono
Please, call me up when you finish that report.

876.    care for - gustar (se usa negando)
I really like brazil, but I don't care much for its food.

877.    carry on - continuar , seguir
Although we are very tired, we must carry on with this work.

878.    carry out - llevar a cabo, realizar
The work on the building was carried out in only two months.

879.    catch up (with) – alcanzar
Sally is so intelligent and so fast. It's really hard to catch up with her.

880.    check in - registrarse ( en hotel , etc)
He arrived at the hotel and checked in.

881.    check out – investigar
I think this information is wrong. Could you check it out ?

882.    check out of - irse ( de un hotel, etc)
He checked out of the hotel because he didn't like the service.

883.    come across - encontrar, toparse con
I came across an old friend yesterday.

884.    come along – acompañar
If you want, you can come along with us.

885.    come away / off - desprenderse, soltarse
I caught the rope strongly with my hands, but it came off.

886.    come down with - enfermarse de
Bob didn't come to work today. He came down with the flu.

887.    come loose – aflojarse
The rope came loose, so the boat started to drift away.

888.    come over - venir a la casa de uno
We are going to have a party at home tonight. Will you come over?.

889.    come round / to - recobrar la conciencia
She fainted, but fortunately she came round very quickly.

890.    count on - contar con , confiar en
You can count on jack. He is very honest.

891.    cut back on - reducir en consumo de
You are a little overweight. You should cut back on the amount of fat in your meals."

892.    cut up - cortar en pedacitos
In order to make this stew, cut up the meat first.



893.    do away with
- abolir, eliminar
the police are trying to do away with crime in this city.
894.    do up - abrochar, atar
bill's mother taught him how to do up his shoelaces.

895.    have to do with - tener que ver con
that story has nothing to do with the real facts.
896.    do without - arreglárselas sin
the refrigerator was empty, so I had to do without breakfast that day.
897.    drag on - ser interminable
time drags on when you are waiting for something

898.    draw near – acercarse
as summer draws near, people think about going to the beach.
899.    draw up – redactor
after they had agreed on the terms, they drew up a contract.
900.    draw up - detenerse, pararse
bill drew his car up when he saw children crossing the street.
901.    drop in (on) - dar un visita
" next week I will have a lot of free time. Please, drop in anytime you want "
902.    drop out (of) - abandonar, dejar de ir a
many young people are dropping out of school nowadays.


903.    face up to - hacer frente a
he had to face up to many problems during his childhood.
904.    fall behind - quedarse atrás
john was supposed to finish this work today, but he fell behind.
905. fall for - enamorarse de
jack finds Mary to be very attractive. I think he fell for her.
906. fall through - fracasar (un plan)
I wanted to go fishing on sunday, but my plans fell through due to the bad weather.
907. feel like - tener ganas de
I don't feel like working today.
908. feel up to - sentirse capaz de
" this is a very difficult task. Do you feel up to doing it ?."
909. figure out - comprender, entender
jane is still trying to figure out how to solve the math problem.
910. fill in / up - rellenar (formularios)
" your address is missing in the form. Can you fill it in, please ?."
911. fill in for - reemplazar, substituir
the professor brown is not coming . Mrs smith will fill in for him today.
912. find out - averiguar, descubrir
the firemen are trying to find out the cause of the fire.


913. get along (with) - llevarse bien (con)
dogs don't usually get along with cats.
914. get by - sobrevivir (financieramente)
the whole family had to get by on the mother's salary.
915. get over - recuperarse (de algo malo)
john got over his illness very quickly.
916. get through (with)- terminar, finalizar
alice won't be able to get through with her project until next year..
917. the family got together to celebrate christmas.
get together - reunirse, juntarse
918. get rid of - deshacerse de, librarse de
" why don't you get rid of these old magazines ?."
919. give away – regular
" you don't wear those shoes anymore. Why don't you give them away ? "
920. give in - ceder, entregarse
the boxer cannot continue fighting. He will give in at any moment.
921. give up - rendirse, darse por vencido
" you are about to finish the race. Don't give up now !"
922. give up - dejar de
Mary is pregnant. She should give up smoking.
923. go along with - estar de acuerdo con
that manager never goes along with the workers' ideas.
924. go on (with) – continuar
we have to go on with this work.


925. hand in – entregar
I have to hand this report in tomorrow morning.
926. hand out – distribuir
the uncle is handing gifts out to his nephews.
927. hang on - esperar
" hang on , please !. I'll be with you in a minute. "
928. hang up - colgar (el teléfono)
" I have to hang up now ! . My mother needs to make a call ."
929. hold on to - agarrarse a, mantener
although Mary lives in japan now, she still holds on to european customs.
930. hold up – as altar
the convenience store was held up last night.


931. keep on
- seguir, continuar
john will keep on working in that firm for two more years.
932. keep up with - mantenerse al nivel de
laura is so smart and fast. It's really difficult to keep up with her !
933. knock out - dejar sin sentido
the old lady knocked the thief out with her umbrella.
934. knock over - tirar, volcar, atropellar
the car knocked the boy over. Now, he is at the hospital.


935. lay off
- despedir
 the company has laid off ten workers this year.

936. leave out
- omitir, olvidar
jack left out his address in the form.

937. let down - decepcionar , defrauder
" I trusted you, but you let me down !"

938. let in
- dejar entrar
" sally is knocking at the door. Let her in !"
939. let out - dejar salir
" sally wants to leave. Let her out !"
940. let off - dejar ir (sin castigo)
the judge felt sorry for the thief and let him off.
941. let up - amainar, disminuir
the rain started to let up.
942. live up to - cumplir con, actuar de acuerdo a
everybody thinks robert is a good person. He tries to live up to that reputation.
943. look after – cuidar
the nanny is looking after the children.

944. look back on - recordar, mirar hacia atrás
grandparents always look back on their young days.

945. look down on - despreciar, menospreciar
jim is so arrogant. He looks down on everybody less intelligent than he.

946. look for – buscar
tom is looking for a new job.

947. look forward to - esperar con illusion
billy is looking forward to going on vacation to europe.
948. look into – investigar
" I think this report is wrong. Can you look into it ? "
949. look out (for) - tener cuidado (de)
"Be careful !. Look out for snakes in this area !"

950. look up - buscar (una palabra, dirección etc)
Edward is looking up a word in the dictionary.

951. look up – visitar
"If you come to my city, don't forget to look me up !"

952. look up to - respetar, admirar

He is the smartest in the class. Everybody looks up to him.


953. make for
- dirigirse a
the plane was making for the airport.
954. make off with - robar, marcharse con
the maid made off with some of the china from the dinning room.

955. make out
- distinguir, descifrar, entender
the ship was so far from the coast that nobody could make out its nationality.
956. make up - inventar, hacer
that writer makes up fantastic stories about life in the future.
 Becky uses red lipstick and pink powder to make up her face.

957. make up – maquillarse

958. make up (with) - reconciliarse (con)
Laura and his boyfriend had an argument last night, but they made up today.

959. make up for - compensar 
bill couldn't visit Mary yesterday. So, he brought her a gift to make up for it.

960. mix up - confundir, mezclar 
the teacher mixed me up with so much information.



961. part with - deshacerse de, regalar
"These books are occupying too much space. I'll have to part with them ."
962. pass away – morir
My grandfather passed away five years ago.
963. pass out - distribuir, repartir
james was passing out new books to everyone in class.
964. pass out – desmayarse
nancy passed out when she heard the bad news.
965. pick on – molestar – fastidiar
everyone in class picked on the new student.
966. pick out – escoger
helen likes to pick out the best apples at the supermarket.
967. pick up- recoger
I found a strange coin at the beach and I picked it up.
968. pick up – pasar a buscar
jane is going to the movies. Brian will pick her up at 7:30 p.m.
969. point out – indicar
the president pointed out the achievements of his government.
970. pull down - derribar, demoler
the construction workers will pull down the old building.
971. pull over - detenerse a un lado de la calle
the policeman ordered the speeding driver to pull over.
972, pull through - salir adelante, recobrarse
she was in a hard situation, but somehow she pulled through.
973. put away - guardar, poner en su lugar
the little boy's room is a mess. His mother wants him to put his toys away
974. put back - poner donde estaba.
I took a book from the bookcase, but I put it back at once.
975. put off - posponer
we'll have to put off our meeting for the next week.
976. put on - ponerse (ropa, joyas etc)
I put on a warm coat because it was cold outside.
977. put out - apagar (fuego, luces etc)
the firemen put out the fire in less than an hour.
978. put up with - tolerar, aguantar
" that noise is bothering me. I cannot put up with it any longer "


979. rip off
- estafar, cobrar demasiado
" don't buy anything in that store. They'll rip you off "
980. run across - encontrarse con
jane ran across her old friend from school at the supermarket.
981. run away – escapar
the thief tried to run away, but the police caught him.
982. run into - encontrarse con
laura ran into Mary when she was at the supermarket.
983. run out of - quedarse sin
they wanted to go to europe, but they had run out of money.
984. run over - atropellar con el auto
the car ran over the dog that crossed the street.


985. see about – atender a, encargarse de
" let's organize a party !. You can see about getting the groceries. "

986. send for - mandar a buscar
billy was feeling sick, so his mother sent for the doctor.

987. set back - retrasar, demorar
the workers' strike set back the completion of the new building.

988. set in – comenzar
people start to wear warm clothes when the winter sets in.

989. set off – partir
the boat will set off early in the morning.

990. set out – partir
all the sailors will set out in that boat tomorrow.

991. set up – establecer
that athlete set up a new world record.

992. settle down – establecerce, adaptarse
brian likes this city. He is trying to settle down .

993. settle up - pagar lo que se debe
he won the lottery and was able to settle up all his debts.

994. show off - fanfarronear, presumir
he always tries to impress people by showing off.

995. show up – aparecer
we waited for her, but she didn't show up.

996. shut up - callar, silenciar
" be quiet !... Shut up ! "

997. slip away – escabullirse
when nobody was watching, he slipped away.

998. stand for - significar, representar
the letters u. N. Stand for united nations.

999. stand out - sobresalir, destacarse
that boy is so smart. He always stands out in class.

1000. stand up - dejar ( a alguien ) plantado
john waited for jane, but she didn't come. She stood him up.

1001. stand up for - defender (verbalmente) a
everyone criticized her. Nobody stood up for her.

1002. stand up to - hacer frente a
you have to be brave. You have to stand up to that problem.


1003. take after – parecerse a
mike takes after his father.

1004. take apart- desmontar, desarmar
I have to repair this tv. I have to take it apart first.

1005. take care of –cuidar
the nanny is taking care of the children.

1006. take off - despegar (un avión)
the plane is taking off at this moment.

1007. take off - quitarse (ropa)
his t-shirt was so dirty. He had to take it off.

1008. take up – ocupar
the old piano takes up too much space. They will move it somewhere else.

1009. talk over – discutir
This subject is important. We must talk it over.

1010. throw away – tirar a la basura
he threw away all the things that he didn't use.

1011. throw up – vomitar
he had drunk so much that he had to throw up.

1012. try on - probarse (ropa)
" I like this t-shirt. Can I try it on ? "

1013. try out - probar, poner a prueba
the technicians are trying out the new car.

1014. try out for - tratar de ingresar a
tim would like to try out for the baseball team.

1015. turn down – rechazar
mike asked jane out, but she turned him down.

1016. turn in - irse a la cama
I am tired and it is too late. I think i'll turn in.

1017. turn into - convertir en
this sofa turns into a bed.

1018. turn on - prender, encender
I was bored, so I turned the tv on.

1019. turn off – apagar
I got tired of watching tv, so I turned it off.

1020. turn out to be - resultar ser
the film seemed good at first, but it turned out to be very boring.

1021. turn down - bajar el volumen
" the music is too loud. Please, turn it down "

1022. turn up - subir el volumen
" could you turn the tv up. I can't hear it "


1023. wait on - atender, server
the salesgirl is waiting on the customer.

1024. walk out on – abandonar (novio/a)
sally is sad because her boyfriend walked out on her.

1025. warm up - entrar en calor
runners warm up before starting a race.

1026. watch out (for) - tener cuidado (de)
“If you go into the jungle, watch out for tigers "

1027. wear out – desgastar completamente
I have worn these shoes out. I have to buy another pair.

1028. wipe out - destruir completamente
the small town was wiped out by the tornado.

1029. work out - hacer ejercicio (en un gym)
robert is in good shape because he works out at the gym everyday.

1030. work out - resolver, elaborar
they have many problems in the company, but they will work them out.

1031. write down - anotar, tomar apuntes
the reporter wrote down everything the rock star had said.

1032. write up – redactar
they have reached an agreement and now they will write up the contract.

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