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203 frases hechas y expresiones inglesas. Vocabulario inglés.
Inglés coloquial. Idioms. Expresiones útiles en inglés

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203 Frases hechas y expresiones en inglés. Idioms

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76. get going: leave.
"Look at the time! I'd better get going!"

77. get it: understand something (often negative).
"I don't get it. What do you mean?"

78. get a kick out of something: find something amusing.

"I really get a kick out of listening to children talk. They say some very funny things."

79. get lost!: go away
"I wish he'd get lost and stop bothering me. I don't want to talk to him!"

80. get on one's nerves: irritate someone; make someone upset.
"I know you like that song, but it's getting on my nerves. Can you play something else?"

81. get a move on: hurry
"If you don't want to be late, you'd better get a move on."

82. get one's wires crossed: be confused or mistaken about something.
A: "Bill said there was a meeting this morning. Don't we have one?"
B: "No. The meeting's tomorrow. I guess Bill got his wires crossed."

83. get out of hand: become out of control; become badly managed.
"Your absences are getting out of hand, Bob. You'd better do something quickly to improve the situation if you want to keep your job."

84. Get real!: Be realistic! / Don't be naive.
A: "I'm going to Las Vegas. I know I'll win a lot of money!"
B: "Get real! You'll probably lose a lot of money!"

85. get up and go: energy.
"I'm really tired. I don't have any get up and go."

86. give someone a hand (1): help someone.
"I can't do this alone. Can you give me a hand?"

87. give someone a hand (2): applaud (to show respect or appreciation for someone/something).
"Dave's done a wonderful job with The ESL Café on the Web.
Let's give him a hand!"

88. a (real) go-getter: a (very) ambitious, hard-working person.
"I'm not surprised that Jean finished before anyone else. She's a real go-getter."

89. go with the flow: take things as they come.
"There's no need to worry. Everything will be OK if you just go with the flow."

90. grab a bite: get something to eat.
"I'm really hungry. Would you like to grab a bite with me?"

91. green: inexperienced.
"I don't think you can depend on Jack to do that job by himself. He's too green."


92. had ('d) better: be obliged to; should (strong).
"You'd better leave soon. If you don't, you'll miss your bus."

93. hassle (noun): a troublesome situation; something troublesome that interrupts one's normal routine.
"I know it's a hassle to complete this form now, but Mr. Rogers
needs it in his office by the end of the day."
94. hard feelings: anger; animosity; bitter feelings.
A: "I'm sorry that Jim got the job instead of you."
B: "I have no hard feelings toward him; I know that he had stronger qualifications."

95. hard-headed: stubborn; inflexible; unwilling to change.
"I don't think Julie will change her mind. She's pretty hard-headed."

96. hassle (verb): annoy; bother; interrupt one's normal routine.
"If you'd stop hassling me, I might get this finished on time!"

97. have one's hands full: be extremely busy.
A: "Will you be able to help us this afternoon?"
B: "I'm afraid not. I'll have my hands full trying to finish my research paper."

98. have/has ('ve/'s) got: have/has.
"Dave's got a son whose name is Benjamin and a daughter whose name is Shannon."

99. have something down pat: know/understand something completely and thoroughly.
"I know I did well on the test. I had all the material down pat."

100. head honcho: person in charge; top boss.
"Dave's the head honcho of the ESL Cafe on the Web."

101. hit the books: study.

"I wish I could go to the movies, but I've got to hit the books."

102. hit the hay: go to bed; go to sleep.
"It's late, so I guess I'll hit the hay."

103. hit the sack: go to bed.
"I'm really tired. I think I'll hit the sack."

104. How come?: Why? (statement word order).
"How come you weren't at the party?"

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